2019 Northeast Futsal Festival is set to bring the best futsal experience to the region

BOSTON, Massachusetts — The Northeast Futsal Festival will provide the best and most inclusive experience for futsal the region has ever seen from February 22 to 24, 2019.

Through a partnership between Global Premier Soccer and Northeast Futsal Association, the region will have the opportunity to play and experience futsal in a way that sets “The Festival” apart from everything else ever created in the Northeast.


The Northeast Futsal Festival will feature four unique events:

  • International Coaching Course led by Dr. Daniel Berdejo-del-Fresno and Peter Rickards
  • Love of the Game Cup for youth clubs, town travel programs and grassroots competitors
  • International Open - Adults featuring the world’s top men’s and women’s teams
  • International Open - Youth for elite youth clubs (official qualifier to World Futsal Championships)


United Futsal Association hosted its fifth annual World Futsal Championships last week at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The event featured more than 100 teams from six different countries, making the event its most successful yet. The champions of each group in the 2019 Northeast Futsal Festival International Open will earn automatic entry into the World Futsal Championships; to be held in late-July, 2019.


“United Futsal Association is constantly looking for ways to strengthen the field of the World Futsal Championships. We can’t think of a better way than to collaborate with one of the strongest soccer clubs in the country in GPS and the premier futsal event organizing body in New England, the Northeast Futsal Association,” said Rob Andrews, president of United Futsal Association.


The collaboration between Global Premier Soccer and Northeast Futsal Association grew out of a mutual interest in taking futsal in the region to another level.


“GPS is thrilled at the prospect of partnering with two of the major driving forces behind futsal and its continued development. By creating a first class regional tournament in the Northeast, we hope to attract elite international and local futsal teams to provide them a pathway into the World Futsal Championships,” said James Hamblin, National Tournament Director for Global Premier Soccer.


“Northeast Fustal Association is built upon the belief that by showcasing the sport through education and fair and balanced competition, we are able to give futsal its foundation for growth. The Northeast Futsal Festival is the embodiment of this. The diversity of the events at ‘The Festival’ allow for everyone at every level of the sport the opportunity to celebrate futsal. We are honored to be working with GPS and United Futsal Association in providing a marquee event for our region,” said Zach Rocha, President of Northeast Futsal Association.


Earlier in 2018, the Northeast Fustal Association hosted its first international coaching course; featuring Jordi Torras, the technical director for FC Barcelona Futsal.


At “The Festival”, the international coaching course features Dr. Daniel Berdejo-del-Fresno, who is currently the head of futsal performance for Bay Area Futsal Club in San Francisco, California. He holds his PhD in Sport Performance and Philosophy from The Manchester Metropolitan University in England. Also featured is Peter Rickards, the director of CP Athletic Development in Bermuda. Rickards’ youth teams feature at the World Futsal Championships annually.


“The Festival” will utilize Forekicks (Taunton) and Forekicks (Norfolk) for its ‘Love of the Game Cup.’


The ‘International Open’ tournaments will be played at the Plymouth Sports Complex, which will transform itself from a turf field facility into one which hosts five full-size professional futsal courts. The official futsal courts make “The Festival” the only tournament in New England with this feature.


For more information on the Northeast Futsal Festival, visit northeastfutsalfest.com




GPS is one of the largest and most successful soccer organizations in North America, providing player development programming in twenty-four states across the USA as well as Puerto Rico, Canada, England and Spain.

Northeast Futsal Association exhibits the highest standard of professionalism and administrative support for the spot of futsal in the region through its on-court, classroom and online programming.

United Futsal Association aims to bring the highest level of futsal to every coach, player, and organization through the facilitation of camps, clinics and seminars, hosting professional and amateur tournaments and consulting support for leagues, facilities, and state and regional associations.