Northeast Futsal Association's New League Logo Inspired by Australian Legend Daniel "D10" Cappellaro

BOSTON, Massachusetts — When the leaders of the Northeast Futsal Association decided to create a new logo for its leagues this winter, they knew they wanted to create an image that personified the sport at the highest level of both professionalism and fun.

What they came up with does just that.

Inside of a shield - highlighted by NORTHEFUTSAL's trademark red, white, and blue - is the silhouette of a player placing their foot on the ball while simultaneously preparing to leap off in an adventurous manner. The player impresses upon the viewer that the ball is an extension of them, that their creativity is about to erupt.

And, in real life, that's exactly what happened, as the silhouette is not of just any player. It is an image of Daniel "D10" Cappellaro, the world-famous freestyle footballer from Australia.

"It's exciting to be able to see my silhouette on the Northeast Futsal Association's league logo," said Cappellaro. "It's an idea that is quite synonymous with American sports, as both the NBA and MLB have player silhouettes in their logos. It's an honor to have had a picture of me chosen."

Cappellaro, through his YouTube and Instagram accounts, has gained international fame through his mastery of the ball. He has played freestyle football or futsal on five different continents and was a featured athlete in the popular EA Sports video game, FIFA STREET.

"Having been lucky enough to get to know Daniel as a person and ambassador of the sport through my involvement with United Futsal Association's international events, I I feel that his personality is represented well in our logo and thus represents us at Northeast Futsal Association well. He has struck me as a fun, intelligent individual who is extremely professional when it comes time to compete and represent the sport of futsal," said Zach Rocha, president of Northeast Futsal Association.

With help and input from several different artists, the final design was completed by Big League Creative.

"I think the logo is going to appeal instantly to Northeast Futsal Association's audience," said Brian Hostetler, CEO of Big League Creative. "Clearly, the organization has a vision for marketing and it provides an extension of the quality of the organization. You see that the messaging is important and that it is conveyed."

The logo will be used in different color formats for Northeast Futsal Association's three different kinds of leagues; Youth Premier League (Red, White, Blue), Youth Town Travel League (Blue, White) and Youth Grassroots League (Red, White).

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