Northeast Futsal Association Defines Its Youth League Structure

BOSTON, Massachusetts — In an effort to be an all inclusive organization that provides a fun, fair and balanced opportunity for all players to compete, the Northeast Futsal Association provides a youth league structure that is unparalleled in the region.

Through an advisory board initiative, the Northeast Futsal Association has decided to show a clear separation between its Youth Premier League (YPL) and Youth Town Travel League (YTTL).

The Youth Premier League - designed for high-level competition amongst stand-alone futsal clubs, New England Premiership and Northeast Soccer League clubs - is meant to provide the region with an opportunity to succeed in international tournaments. As such, the YPL hosts registration based on the World Futsal Championships standard of two-year birth-years. Teams must register players born between January 1 and December 31 of the years listed for the 2018/19 season.

The Youth Town Travel League - designed for standardized competition amongst Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association clubs - is meant to provide the region with an opportunity for town travel soccer teams to stay together during the winter futsal season. As such, the YTTL hosts registration based on the standard of school grade levels for the 2018/19 season.

“Our organization has worked extremely hard to provide a service that is of the highest administrative level and is most practical to our member organizations. Our advisory board listens and when an idea is presented that is full of logic and reasoning, we discuss and see if it’s possible to implement,” said Zach Rocha, president of Northeast Futsal Association. “Defining the Youth Premier League and Youth Town Travel League in this way ultimately makes a whole lot of sense.”

Both the YPL and YTTL will play at the same locations, on the same match day schedule, with the same rules, and with the same level of refereeing, but the ability to have clubs play clubs on an international standard and towns play towns on a school grade level standard helps to make the on-court competition as balanced as possible.


Pre-Benjamin 2011/2012

Benjamin 2009/2010

Alevin 2007/2008

Infantil 2005/2006

Cadete 2003/2004

Juvenil 2000/2001/2002


Grade 11/12 or U18

Grade 9/10 or U16

Grade 7/8 or U14

Grade 5/6 or U12

Grade 3/4 or U10

Grade 1/2 or U8

Northeast Futsal Association provides a YPL and YTTL in Boston, Cape Cod, and North Shore. The leagues play on Saturdays and Sundays from December 1 to March 4. There are nine regular season matches, plus a playoff match for all teams. The cost to register a team is $995 plus a $7 individual player insurance fee. The leagues are an official affiliate to United Futsal Association, USSSA, and US Soccer.

Northeast Futsal Association also hosts two tournaments during the season for youth teams; the Beantown Cup (January 5 and 6) and the Northeast Futsal Fest (February 22 to 24).

Northeast Futsal Association provides the only on-court coach and referee education courses in the region. Courses will be on Sunday nights, beginning October 21 and concluding November 11.

Northeast Futsal Association additionally operates a College Premier League and Adult Co-Ed League in Boston, Cape Cod and North Shore.

Northeast Futsal Association is an official affiliate of United Futsal Association, which annually hosts the Top 12 Experience and World Futsal Cup in Barcelona, Spain, as well as the World Futsal Championships in Orlando, Florida.

Northeast Futsal Association is also an official affiliate of US Soccer and provides league insurance, league rostering, and player cards through United States Special Sports Association (USSSA). 

Northeast Futsal Association registration is online at



Northeast Futsal Association ( is a professional futsal company, specializing in education and community development. We are centrally located in Greater Boston, Massachusetts. Founded in 2017, the Northeast Futsal Association holds on-court, classroom and online programming. NORTHEFUTSAL provides coach and referee education, player academies and clinics, league and tournament management, and more. We are an official affiliate of United Futsal Association. NORTHEFUTSAL is designed to provide the region an environment that exhibits the highest standard of professionalism. Our mission is to play by FIFA Rules at all ages and provide the best level of administrative support.