Northeast Futsal Association welcomes Cape Cod Futsal As Official Location

BOSTON, Massachusetts — The Northeast Futsal Association is excited to welcome Cape Cod Futsal as an official location for the 2018/19 season. The partnership brings together even more quality futsal communities in the region.

“I have had the opportunity to see Cape Cod Futsal grow over the last half decade and am honored to work together with the organization to provide even further growth,” said Zach Rocha, president of Northeast Futsal Association. “Cape Cod Futsal is truly dedicated to providing the best possible service to the futsal community in its area.” 

As an official location, Cape Cod Futsal will on-board the Northeast Futsal Association and its world-class staff of professionals. Furthermore, the Northeast Futsal Association’s rules and regulations will be immediately implemented, which includes FIFA Futsal Rules at all ages, a one-season structure, and two-year birth year structure for entering teams. Northeast Futsal Association also provides two types of youth leagues and two types of adult leagues so that competition is as fair and balanced as possible.

“We are looking forward to this season as a part of the Northeast Futsal Association. The ability to bring new tournaments and more locations for futsal on Cape Cod will be realized with the support of the staff at Northeast Futsal Association,“ said James Boden, president of Cape Cod Futsal.

Northeast Futsal Association currently operates a Youth Premier League, Youth Town Travel League, College Premier League, and Adult Co-Ed League in both Boston and North Shore. The partnership between Cape Cod Futsal and Northeast Futsal Association provides an opportunity for the community to experience futsal in a way that brings the all of the region’s players together for a greater cause beyond winning and losing.

The partnership also elevates Cape Cod Futsal to a global stage. Northeast Futsal Association is an official affiliate of United Futsal Association, which annually operates the Top 12 Experience and World Futsal Cup in Barcelona, Spain, as well as the World Futsal Championships in Orlando, Florida.

Additionally, Northeast Futsal Association is an official affiliate of US Soccer and will provide league insurance, league rostering, and player cards through United States Special Sports Association (USSSA). 

The Northeast Futsal Association competition calendar runs from December 1, 2018 to March 4, 2019. Youth and Adult Leagues have opened registration online at



Northeast Futsal Association ( is a professional futsal company, specializing in education and community development. We are centrally located in Greater Boston, Massachusetts. Founded in 2017, the Northeast Futsal Association holds on-court, classroom and online programming. NORTHEFUTSAL provides coach and referee education, player academies and clinics, league and tournament management, and more. We are an official affiliate of United Futsal Association. NORTHEFUTSAL is designed to provide the region an environment that exhibits the highest standard of professionalism. Our mission is to play by FIFA Rules at all ages and provide the best level of administrative support.

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